Piano Lesson


Piano & Theory

We live in a time when much of our lives happen online. And, music can too! Regardless of where you live, the Hamblin Piano Studio can be right in your living room! Students learn the same concepts and musicianship as in person students and will be exposed to recitals and group classes just like they would if they were in person, only more convenient. 

Online piano lessons are offered in 2 formats for students age 6+. Families can select from one on one, traditional lessons, or small group lessons organized by age and level. Traditional lessons cater to students who need more community and want to explore music more casually. While, traditional lessons are perfect for students who are more serious about their piano instruction.

Theory classes are also offered for students who need or want more theory instruction. Theory classes can be used to supplement weekly piano lessons and can also be as a stand alone course for students who would like a more rigorous theory instruction or to prepare for an AP music theory class.